Shit! These things really do come in threes, don’t they: first Jim McKay, then Tim Russert, and now George Carlin. George would hate that I included him in that silly superstition. I certainly don’t feel as sad for the loss of George as I did for Tim. George would also hate for people to say, “He left us,” or, “He passed away.” George would prefer we simply say, “George died.” No, I feel more grateful than anything; grateful that we were all graced with his unique genius for such a long time. George Carlin had that rarified ability, that all great men and women posses, to be able to make us all see the world and ourselves in a different light.

There is really not much else I can say about the man that you don’t already know, or haven’t read. But I will say this: George Carlin has been a huge inspiration in my life. First and foremost, he made me appreciate words on a whole new level, and made me believe that language is most definitely a living, breathing entity. If you are familiar with George’s material, then you know that one of his biggest gripes is that, in the age of political correctness and over-inflated vernacular, so much of that life, the soul of our language, is dying. The other big reason I am so inspired by the man and his work is that he had a big set of brass balls on him. You have got to respect George Carlin for his courage to play by his own set of rules when that meant really putting yourself out on a limb; and in so doing he changed the face of comedy.

Oh, and he gave me, and any other aspiring writer or comedian, the greatest piece of advice of all time: Write everything down. Thoughts and ideas are like butterflies; and they need to be pinned down in a glass case.

If you really want to honor the memory of George Carlin, tell someone to go fuck themselves.

Stay tuned for my Arbitrary Commentary section later today or tomorrow, renamed for this week only in honor of George…

Brain Droppings

  • A big up to all of you for carving a little time out of your busy lives to spend it with the Monday Morning Punter. We hit 1,000 hits yesterday, Monday, June 23, at 12:24 pm(est). Believe it or not, I cannot find words to express how much I appreciate everything. I am so blessed to have such supportive family and friends. It stinks in here; because You people are the shit!
  • Don’t forget that our man Andy’s show, I Survived A Japanese Game Show, is premiering tonight at 9pm (eastern) on ABC. Lordhavemercy!
  • Just so you all know that I’m not starry-eyed in love with Barack Obama, I’d like to share a few gripes I’ve recently had with the Junior Senator from the great state of Illinois. Mr. Obama better mind his Ps & Qs when it comes to the recent revelation that he and his people are closely tied to the whole ethanol movement. This ethanol stuff is a lot of bullshit, and is greatly tied to the farm lobby (the corporate farm lobby, mind you, the guys who fuck the little farmer) and huge copanies like Cargill. We should have all been driving electric cars 10 years ago – a not some little wind-up toy; i’m talking about svelte little whips that can zip around at 60-80 mph and get a range up to 100 miles per charge. See for yourself: So forget ethanol. Another thing that’s bothering me is the idea of just taxing the oil companies profits. We should be keeping a closer watch on practices, but to arbitrarily tax a company, no matter how high the profits, just seems a little un-American to me. And finally, Mr. Obama better get with the program regarding this FISA bill, that will be voted on by the Senate next week. He has expressed that he will support the bill that grants protection to the telecoms from prosecution retroactively regarding illegal surveillance. Mr. Obama has the opportunity to filibuster this on the floor of the Senate, as well as vote no, and not puss out the way the likes of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi did, and just rolled over.
  • And speaking of abandoning your principles in favor of playing politics: don’t think for one minute I’d even consider voting for John McCain. Hahahahahahahahaha.
  • And while we’re at it: Joe Lieberman has really been pissing me off lately. First he threw in the towel in the 2000 election before the fight even started for the recount. Then he gets beat in the Connecticut primary by Ned Lamont, only to switch to Independent in order to continue to fight for his Senate seat, which of course he eventually won. He is the lynch-pin swing vote in an evenly split Senate. And now this dude is throwing away everything he has stood for for the past 20 years and supporting McCain, all over one issue. Oh, and he is planning to speak at the Republican convention this summer. Joe, you’re punking us, right?

  1. Adam says:

    Regarding George, only Richard Prior is in the same class. A lot of people love the 7 words you can’t say on TV and thats pretty much all I’ve read the last two days and for good reason. But for my buck, I always prefered his take on Football and Baseball, if you disagree, well, you can either go fuck yourself, or I can always take you out back, and shoot ya. That’s how George would’ve handled it. Oh yeah, one of the most important beards in the history of facial hair. Believe you me.

    I was gonna post a clip on last night, but held off because I knew John would post a proper memorial. Instead I decided to continue on the garbage I post, an expose on the NBA’s not so subliminal gay franchise. Check back, i’m shooting for end of week, but I’m still raking in evidence so I can’t get sued for slander.

  2. jculhane says:

    So true, Mos, so true. Found on the Mount Rushmore of comedians, as far as I’m concerned, are Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Lenny Bruce, and Eddie Murphy.

    The football/baseball routine is the bomb! and illustrates why I like football WAYYYY better.

    And you gotta love his take on bullshit and religion.

    I’m lookin’ forward to your NBA piece. Come on everybody, get in on the poo throwing over at
    It’s Chimptastic!

  3. Kenyon says:

    On the comedic Mt. Rushmore, let us add Redd Foxx’s name to the list and soon we might have to make room for Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle. To me, Carlin was and always will be a legend. I love someone who’s not afraid to give society the middle finger and can still hold their head high with no regrets. We are fortunate that he left us more than enough material to refer to.

  4. jculhane says:

    Redd Foxx, no doubt. (I don’t know his real name, but Jamie Foxx adopted his stage surname as a tribute to Redd. The Jamie came from a trick he used to get on stage at open-mics in LA: after noticing women were usually slotted in, while men had to roll the dice, Jamie decided to perform under that androgynous first name. So by giving himself a stripper name, he was able to get some stage time. And the rest, as the say, is history…)

    And while we’re on the topic of history, you are almost absolutely right on about the additions to the Mt. Rushmore of Comedy. In this case, since there must be more than four, we’ll call it the Mt. Olympus of Comedy. Chris Rock: 100% on there, absolutely in the class of the four I mentioned. Dave Chappelle also up there, in spite of his relatively small body of work. I actually put him ahead of Rock. I also include Bill Cosby in this mix. ‘Himself’ might be in the top 5 or 10 sets of all time; and the only swear in the who hour is asshole.

    But speaking of clean-acts, I’m gonna have to go ahead and disagree with you about Seinfeld for a few reasons. 1st, after watching ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ you can’t help but realize that Larry David is 50% responsible for the Brilliance of ‘Seinfeld’, the actors playing George, Kramer & Elaine account for 40%, and Jerry only 10%, 15 tops. Also, when you watch those shows you see how dated and kind of corny his material is. And lets just say when it came to material, no one could accuse him of being prolific. and finally, when you compare him to these other legends, he’s got the edge of a whiffle ball bat.

    Other great comedians, some lesser known than others: Doug Stanhope, Nick Swardson (in a lot of movies these days, most notably ‘Grandma’s Boy’), Zack Galifianakis, Mitch Fatel, Dave Atell, Jim Florentine.

    I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on comedy and their favorite comedians, styles, blue or clean, etc.

  5. Adam says:

    I would not put Chappelle ahead of Rock regarding standup. I’ve seen Chappelle live 4 times now, met him, shot the shit, etc, but he’s better at sketch comedy than standup. Rock is the opposite. In a standup world, Rock is still the best. Chappelle has a few nuances that drive me mad (microphone slamming, and also feeling the need to do 6 hour sets from 12AM to 6AM. Unneccesary, and the comedy wears off around hour 3)… however, the variance is minor. There is no doubt, they are currently the best comedians today. I also like Jim Norton, but he would just give tours of this fictitious mountain. Swardson is great, only seen his comedy central, but his cameo’s in any film usually turn out to be the highlight. His RENO 911 character is excellent.

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