…on Mr. & Mrs. Punter’s 3rd Wedding Anniversary.

Posted: Wednesday, July 2, 2008 in Family, Life
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Three years ago today I married my wife, Jen, at the Packer Chapel on the beautiful campus of Lehigh University, our Alma Mater. We took our vows literally a few hundred yards from where we met almost twelve years ago. We were blessed with a spectacular summer day in 2005, not unlike the beautiful weather we in the Northeast are experiencing today in 2008. During the rehearsal the day before, we were all sweating like a cub-scout at the Neverland Ranch. But fortunately a cold front came through bringing with it a late night thunderstorm, and lovely cool dry weather for our big day.

But the greatest blessing of all was how many of our nearest and dearest friends and family were able to make the 2-4 hour trek out to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and celebrate the joyous occasion with us. It could have been 110 degrees or it could have been raining Rosie O’Donnells and Donald Trumps; either way, with all the VIPs of our lives in attendance, rocking out to a kick-ass band, it would still have been the greatest of days. Thank you to everyone who was there, and who were responsible for making about as perfect a wedding as you could possibly have. It still means the world to us.

Let me take this opportunity to say a little something about Jen, as we enter our fourth year together as husband & wife. After three years, the best way I can describe her to you is this: Jennifer Culhane is the Tiger Woods of wives! She’s the best. She’s got it all. And she does it all with the ease and grace of Michael Jordan. She is smart, caring, beautiful, witty, funny, tough, fair, successful, grounded, innocent, inquisitive, open-minded, and thoughtful. She likes football and video games and shots of Jack Daniels with a beer chaser. She treats my family like gold; and in turn is adored by them. She gets my brother and our jokes. Her family is full of great, warm people, who, since I’ve known Jen, have shown me nothing but kindness.

She is my greatest source of inspiration. Never in my life have I been more focused, or creative, confident or determined, than I have in these last three years. She is my Muse.

And I am soooo thankful that she fell in love with a jerkoff like me. Happy Anniversary, Boo-boo. I love you Jen.

  1. holt says:

    Absolutely Lovely

  2. jculhane says:

    Thanks, Jene-Jine-Dancin’-Machine!

  3. Tim Your favorite father in law says:

    Jc & Jen
    I cannot believe that 3 years have gone by already. I am so proud to have you as my daughter. Jc you are a wonderful and fascinating human being. You have made me the proudest father in law in the world.
    I love you both and I know you will have a life time of love and joy.

  4. Sketchy says:

    I remember the day as if it were yesterday. Now I think I’ll be the only one left of the crew who needs to follow suit. At least for the Three Amigos anyway. Dude, Kurt just told me that his place in NYC is on 79th and between 1st and york. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

  5. Kelly says:

    Happy Anniversary Guys!!!

  6. DZaso says:

    Three years!!! Seems like yesterday!! I could not be happier for my cuz!!! You and Jen share a special something that very few couples seem to get. Check out Clint Black’s “Something that we do” (yup – you bet it’s country!!)- it describes my life with my JZ and your lives as well!!! Here’s to a happy ever after forever!!!!

    PS – Happy Bday Jen!

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