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…on Andrew’s Exit.

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As most of you reading this may already know, our dear friend Andy was eliminated from I Survived A Japanese Game Show, leaving only four remaining contestants. While Andy was eliminated after losing the clothes changing competition (let’s face it, we all knew he was in trouble going in to that one, unless he were rapidly changing from an orange reflective safety vest and a silver helmet to a toga), he most definitely survived his latest foray into reality television. I’ve watched enough reality shows to know that it is way more important to leave with your dignity than leave with the prize money. A quarter of a million dollars will be gone someday; but if you come off like a total asshole in front of millions of people, that can stay with you a very long time.

The irony is not lost on me that I am talking about Andy leaving the show with dignity and class, even though he exited in a pink, ill-fitting, Bo Peep outfit. But he did just that; and this illustrates how cool and funny and smart and charming Andy was on the show. And he even flipped the script on the Crazy 88s (see Kill Bill: Vol 1) when he charged them as they attempted to carry him off the set. You could see the fear in their eyes. And as the Crazy 88s labored to carry Andy away, host Rome Kandu even made a point of saying in Japanese to the studio audience what a nice guy Andy was.

In reality television – which is hardly real at all – the producers create stories and characters through the art of editing. If they want to paint someone as a jerkoff, they can do so by cutting and pasting a collection of jerky behavior that was captured on film. But in the case of Andy, the only picture that they were able to paint was of one hell of a great guy.

I know I can speak for everyone, Andy, when I say how proud we all are to call you a friend and to call you family. You were clearly the smartest and most charismatic contestant on the show; and judging just from the response to my blog postings on you, you have a legion of devoted fans out there. You represented like a champ, my man. And I have a feeling that this will not be the last time we see you on television. Well done dude.