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…is Getting Cosmetic Surgery.

Posted: Tuesday, June 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

So the blog has been down recently for some construction and tweaking.   I’d like to think of this all as the blog getting a little botox and a tummy tuck.  I’ve been experimenting with different themes and formats, as well as learning about various ways to get the MMP more action.  Of course I’ve been writing during this time, but wasn’t able or willing to get it out there; so expect some Arbitrary Commentary regarding the last two months, coming soon.

Another thing is that I’m toying with the notion of not sending out emails and social networking notifications about new posts, in order to cultivate a  greater number of page hits.  Bottom line on this: I want y’all to keep coming back as much as possible, looking to field fresh punts.  Of course, in order to keep y’all comin’ back, time and again, I gotta keep my end of the bargain by posting as much as possible.