ABOUT the Monday Morning Punter

Oh, hello there. Come on in. Just watch your step on those lower teeth, and mind your head when passing beneath the incisors. Now right this way to the cervical vertebrae, if you please; and up you go, right into the cranium.

Welcome to my head. More space than you figured up in here, eh? Forgive the mess; things have been a little hectic lately. Its tough to find homes for all this stuff in a studio apartment, what with the lack of closets and all. But never mind that; once again, welcome. Please feel free to pop in any time you want; I’m always here.

Here you’ll find my thoughts on everything from politics to sports. So go ahead and get comfortable in the gray, prefrontal bean-bag over there, by the two windows, and let us speak awhile…

Meet the Monday Morning Punter.

The Monday Morning Punter lives in the lovely Poconos, Pennsylvania, near the Delaware Water Gap,  in a heart-shaped jacuzzi, and writes because his wife has heard just about everything he has to say already.

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