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Of course I’m not going out on a limb here in calling Jesse James a creep for cheating on Sandra Bullock, and totally ruining what should have been one of the great high-water-marks in her career.

I’d like to also take this opportunity to set something straight, in light of the recent (and the apparently not-so-recent) revelations of Jesse James  and his particular fondness for, shall we say, WWII memorabilia.   Specifically, I’d like to address the lame-ass excuses for this, now infamous, picture.  Also, here, where he pulls out the old some-of-my-best-godfathers-are-jews excuse.  Is it even cool for Jewish people to be godparents?

Shock value?

What, so now everyone who rocks nazi gear is like some edgy performance artist? Fuckin’ Lenny Bruce over here.  Give me a break: shock value, my ass.  See, the thing about Lenny, and others like him, was that while they indeed shocked people, they also made people laugh and think in the process.  There is nothing terribly clever or thought provoking about putting on nazi clothes: it’s just terrible, and it is certainly not funny.

History buff?

This excuse is even lamer than “Shock value;” because anyone who has even a casual interest in history – to say nothing about history “buffs” – would understand the horrid significance of nazi symbolism, and how it impacted and enabled the third reich’s power and ability to affect the inhuman group-think that resulted in some of the worst state-sponsored atrocities this world has ever known.

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who are sickened at the mere thought of donning any piece of a vile nazi uniform…and fucking nazi assholes!  Now I suppose I’m not willing to go and call Jesse James a straight-up nazi without actually knowing the man; but by wearing the gear, making the salute, and that German WWII Fokker plane back there in the pic, he is tacitly supporting a genocidal regime and murderous, dehumanizing political movement.

But I can safely say, at least, that he is an asshole.